Speaking for Business

“I work with many speakers but he is in class of his own… I recommend him without reservation if you need a speaker”Jamie Andrew is a gifted and popular speaker, who has a growing reputation in the business arena as a presenter capable of motivating and inspiring audiences from all backgrounds, worldwide. ImageHe tells his story with sincerity, passion and with humour, and he uses his experiences to great effect in putting across his key business messages.  Drawing on his experiences in mountaineering and in overcoming huge personal adversity, he is able to bring a unique perspective to many fundamental business skills such as:

  • Motivation – focusing on the positive
  • Emotional Intelligence – key emotional skills in life and business
  • Goal setting – setting realistic and achievable short and long term goals
  • Teamwork – working with the strengths, working round the weaknesses
  • Seizing opportunities – not being afraid to take a calculated risk
  • Leadership – taking control and having the vision to motivate and inspire others
  • Change Management – dealing with change, learning to use change as a positive motivator.

Have a look at the IMD webcast interview here

Recent clients have included:

  • Vodafone
  • Lloyds TSB
  • Tetra Pak International
  • PepsiCo
  • Pru Health
  • Merck Serono
  • International Institute for Management Development
  • Max New York Life

“People really valued what you brought to us – and the messages have stuck – so THANK YOU!”

“There has been nothing but glowing feedback from your presentation!”

“Your talk was particularly inspirational and a fitting note on which to end the Conference.”


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